DIY! How to Make Pocket in Hobo Bags

Sling bag, tote bag, clutch, and handbag are some types of bag that we can find everywhere. Besides those types, there is another type of bag that we can use for everyday life. We can use this type of bag for go to school, go to campus, go to work, or just hang out with our friends. This bag is hobo bags. Maybe you rarely hear about his bag but we are sure that you often see this type of bag everywhere! The hobo bags is a style of purse or handbag which is typically large and characterized by a curve shape.

Denim Grocery Bag

This style of handbag has a long strap designed to wear over the shoulder and a slouchy style. The bags are usually made out of flexible and soft materials. The bag is tend to slouch or slump when it set down. There are many different shapes and sizes of this popular woman’s fashion bag. Why they called this bag a hobo bag? Because it look like the shape of bindle on a stick which hobos are portrayed when they carry it over their shoulder in cartoons and picture.

Some brands that sells this bags are Forever21, H&M, PullnBear. Some high end brands also sell hobo bags. If you want to have the bag with a long strap and you can wear it across the body, then hobo bags is really suitable with your preference.



Michael Kors Fulton LG Shoulder Bag

The bag would fit many stuff such as books, pouch, water bottle. You can add pockets to you bag if you want. The pockets inside it would fit with your sunglasses, cell phone, and some room for pens. We will give you the tutorial on how to make hobo bag. It’s quite hard in sewing, but if you follow the steps carefully then you will have your own hobo bag. Here are the steps which you should follow.

1. First, prepare one yard of fabric for straps (choose the black fabric) and the lining. And more one yard of fabric for the patterned fabric. Your yard of fabric may being varied, depending on the size of the bag that you choose.

2. Trace the bag on some pattern paper to make the pattern. Just cut up the paper bag or you can use any type of paper.

3. Fold the pattern down to the center to make sure the pattern is straight. After that, add a ½” seam for every seam.

4. You can put a ½” fold in the paper lengthwise to make the pocket patterns. Make the pattern a little longer and larger than the stuff that you want to put in it. Add ½” seam on the right, left, and bottom of the pocket. For the top of the pocket, you can add 1 ¼” seam.

5. Repeated the step above for the other pockets.

6. Cut the lining and patterned fabric. Make sure to measure the length and width of the strap that you want

7. Iron the seam.
That’s the tutorial on how to make pockets in hobo bags.