The Faux Products: Faux Python Handbags, Clutch and Purse

Handbags are part of fashion. Wearing a glamorous dress to a red carpet event won’t be spectacular without spectacular handbag, clutch or purse. It is actually not only to red carpet, but also to any other occasions. To those who value fashion over function, the handbags are brought to show people of their fashion taste and how much wealth they actually own.

That is why many high fashion lovers buy python handbags, because they believe that the reptiles’ skin can bring them popularity. They will most likely do anything to take the attention away with their appearance. However, due to its extremely difficult, long process of choosing, buying and finishing the product with genuine python skin, sometimes the faux python handbags will also do.

faux python handbags

Why faux python handbags are better?

Animal Rights
A famous saying said that ignorance is evil. While PETA will agree with you, some high style persons choose to ignore the truth behind the making of this type of bags. From many reliable sources, the process of acquiring pythons is very not human. In some third world countries, the python is beaten by a dull object in the head to kill them, or often it is slammed against a tree. In the most evil way, it is skinned when it is still breathing—nailed to a tree, skinned, and then it is just left there. Dying would have taken at least two days.

The faux python clutch, even it is not genuine, is made of synthetic material. The substitute materials of faux are cow skin, PVC and many more. Although it is recognizable to see which product is faux and which one is genuine only by looking at the material, sometimes if the designers are smart enough to hide it, you will be saved. However this will affect the price as well.

The comparison is if the genuine product of python skin handbags sold for US$1000 above, the faux python handbags product would have been half of the genuine price, so maybe around US$500 or US$600. Nevertheless, you have to see the designers, because if the bags are made in the house of a popular designer, even if it is faux, the price will go up to over US$1000 for one bag.

How to see if your faux python handbags have great quality?

Even though faux python handbags are made of substitute material other than genuine python skin, it is not impossible for the designers to create great quality faux handbags.. Try answering these questions: a) Do you know this brand? B) Do these designers’ names sound familiar? C) Where do you buy the product? And d) How much does it cost?

These questions will help you figuring out whether the handbags are good or breakable. Also, if you buy the bags from places that are outdoors and not indoors, there are high chances that those bags are the lowest quality of faux and predictably low prices. Paying attention to where and to how much money you spend on the faux python purse are two main points to know the quality of the bags. visit here to faux python handbags collections