Faux Python Handbags Look At Prices and Qualities

For women, handbags are essential. Going to party with red carpet without handbag is a ridiculous idea. It is essential because the handbags or purse is one package with the dress. Therefore it matches perfectly with the gown. Since it is essential, many are thirst to own one specific handbag which is specially designed so no one else can have.

Python skin is hot these days and many favor to have one. However, due to its limited availability, one can always go to faux python handbags. Faux products are not as bad as they might sound. Faux products are made of not genuine skin, but it can be from another type of skin with similar qualities.

What is Faux Python Purse?

Faux python purse can be made of cow skin with snake skin pattern printed on it. If this is the case, then it is not so much of a big deal. Cow skin has some qualities similar to python skin, although not 100% the same. The worst kind of faux is when it is made of synthetic or even plastic. This type of faux is usually sold to those who don’t have the budget but want to have similar thing like the one their celebrity bring to the red carpet.

Faux Python Handbags

The price of faux python handbags, purse or clutch is half of the original product. If the genuine offers US$1000, then the faux might be sold for US$500. It is actually depends on the material. If the faux handbags are made of good quality material such as cow skin, then it might be around US$500 or above US$100 at least. However if it is made of cheap material with low durability and not so beautiful pattern, there is always a possibility it is below US$100 or even US$50.

Even so, buying faux python handbags is not always a fashion criminality. There are some advantages that you can get from it. One of them is the cost-effective. Since it is faux, you don’t have to worry it may break your bank account. As it is mentioned earlier, the price of faux python stuff is way below expensive—small money for such a high fashion trend. Other than that, you might have already known that the genuine python skin is acquired in such a barbaric way.

In many countries in Asia that sell snake skin, the process is often barbaric. The snake is skinned and left to die which usually takes a few days to dies. This fact supports you to buy faux python handbags, because it is not genuine. It is imitation, but it has the same value.


It feels comfortable and more human. You have avoided violation of living creatures by buying faux and you can still look fashionable wearing it. It must not feel right t wear something that you know it is a living, breathing creatures before they were hammered, skinned and died nailed to a tree and left there. PETA will salute you. If you are more interested to buy faux, then you can purchase it by clicking here.