How to Separate Genuine Designer Python Handbags from Faux?

The sense of exclusivity deludes people to do whatever it takes to have python handbag. Sometimes, it drives them to places where they could have similar handbag, similar pattern and color but cheap price. This false handbag is sold to people who can afford the genuine designer python handbags due to the price which is given by the designers.

This demand of faux product gives birth to faux-market. They made faux python handbag from rubber or similar material with such a low maintenance and budget. How do you know that your bag is real python skin or just a faux? Here is how to differ them.

As you have already learned, it is a fact that snake skin such as python is an exotic, delicate and limited in number of availability. When something is hard to get, it is also hard to copy, for example the designer python handbags. How to see the originality? Simply by seeing the pattern will do. The genuine product has ‘lines’.

How to Choose Original Python Handbags

Lines of connection of skin pieces which happens because of the size of the skin. It is informed that python skin range from 40-50” long and about 4-5” wide. This size cannot cover the whole bag that is why it is connected from piece to piece. The faux does not have those lines. You should also remember that genuine product made of one specific python skin. Therefore the design of one python handbag is different from another.

designer python handbags

Designer python bags made of genuine python skin is extremely expensive. It is to say the price can possibly start at US$500 to a possible US$2000 depends on the brand, pattern and design of the bags. Same goes for the handbags. However if it is faux, the price will not go high up over US$200 or even less, because faux handbags or bags are marketed to low budget high-fashion lovers.

The faux python handbags usually made of synthetic leather which has python pattern printed on it. Or quite possible that it is actually cow skin with python skin pattern. These products will not have similar durability like the genuine product. These synthetic designer python bags might break over time. As shocking as it may sound, even the color might fade. There if also a high possibility that other people will have the exactly same pattern. It is embarrassing, isn’t it?


Then, why you should go with genuine products? They come with great qualities that might surprise you, such as the long term durability, the exclusivity which assures you nobody else has the exactly same pattern handbags or bags, the sense of wealth and respect as a member of high class society and etc. If by any chance these qualities serve your interest. It is highly recommended to you to buy one right now.

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