Tips to Buy Leather Tote Bags

Leather tote bags are truly companion for you for its timeless material. It is also a handbag which has enough room to carry your essentials items. Buying for leather bagscan be very confusing because the market is flooded by cheap fake leathers and low-quality craftsmanship.

Leather tote bags

If you buy leather bag with bad quality, it can breaks down after a season or two. To help you buy a well-made leather bag, we will give you tips to buy leather tote bags.

Real VS fake leather.

Good quality leather tote bags is natural products. There is no manmade who will ever have the same level of quality. So if you find a leather bag but there is a question if it’s a bag made from real or fake leather, don’t purchase it.

To know if the bag that you want to purchase is made of real leather is look for full grain leather. To mask the natural markings on the side such as the scars of the animal, real leather’s surface is not altered or coated. If you find a leather bag claimed as genuine leather it means that the leather usually taken from the backside of the skins and stamped by an artificial grain pattern. Then, the leather coated with a painted surface to make it look like full grain leather. The hide will not be as soft or durable as real leather.

leather tote bags

Determining leather quality

We can determine the quality of leather tote bag by the tanning process and hide selection. The tanning process is the process of treating the animal skins o produce good leathers. This process is to make the bag more durable and less susceptible. The skins are desalted, degreased, and unhaired before the tanning process. Then, the leather soaked in water over 6 hours to 2 days.

The tanning process can be done with mineral or vegetable methods. While the hide selection refers to the cleanliness of the leather. We can grade the leather based on the cleanliness of the natural masks and animal’s skin health condition. Good quality leather will have supple and soft touch which is naturally inviting and appealing. Avoid leather bag which resembles vinyl or synthetic materials.

Lining and finishing

A good bag will have a good lining which made from a durable material and shows that they will last over a long time. Think long-term if you want to buy leather bags. We are sure that you want to have a bag which last for a long time or maybe you want to resell it. If the inside of the bag look cheap then it also reflects the craftsmanship.

Tote bags

The lifespan of the product also reflected by the cheap lining. You can also check the finishing to know whether the leather tote bags are good or bad quality. Good quality leather bags will have edges that polished by hand. Because good bags are sewn by craftsman not sewing machine.
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