Womens Tote Bags that Every Woman Must Own

Bags are important thing and surely owned by women. For women, bags are not only used to carry their stuffs, but it is used to complete their appearance. The importance of bags for women makes many designers compete in designing bag with various models and types. They design it by combining some motifs and colors with different materials.

Womens Tote Bags

Tote bags is one type of bag which often used by women recently. Tote bags are mostly made of nylon, canvas, leather, or even plastic. Although tote bags look very simple, some designer commonly will add some motifs and combine it with some colors in order to make it looks interesting.

Women Tote Bags Based On the Activity

Womens tote bags are commonly divided based on its activity, whether it is used for shopping, work, picnic, or traveling. Below are the characteristics of womens tote bags for women activities.

womens tote bags for work

Womens tote bags for working

For working activity, women usually choose tote bag with sturdy leather material with minimalist design. It is designed simply and does not have many motifs on it. It commonly has large size for carrying working stuffs, such as, notebook, books, hand phone, or even the important files. Women usually choose black, brown, grey or white color to make them look elegant when wearing it.

Womens tote bags for traveling

Tote bags are also suitable for travelling. For travelling, women usually choose tote bags with a large size and sturdy material. Tote bags with canvas and nylon materials are mostly used by women for travel activity. Different with tote bag for working, this tote bag is designed with some motifs, patterns or colors.

Womens tote bags for travel

Tote bag for travelling sometimes has picture or quote which is related with travelling. The pictures like plane, suitcase, map, or travel destination sometimes are mostly used for travelling tote bag. Besides pictures, some quotes which related with travelling sometimes are placed on the tote bag.

Womens tote bags for shopping

Shopping is one of women favorite activities. When shopping, bag is stuff that women surely brought with. Tote bag is a kind of bag which many women brought when shopping. Besides it is simple, tote bag also sturdy and has large space for carrying stuffs.

Womens tote bags for shopping

The tote bag for shopping is usually used by a very sturdy canvas and nylon material. This tote bag is sometimes used not only for carrying purse or hand phone, but also other shopping stuffs such as, clothes, books, vegetables and others. Women choose tote bag for shopping is also because it is re-usable. To make the design looks interesting, some designer sometimes add some quotes or picture related to shopping activity on the tote bag.

Tote bags are surely can be used for many activities. However, you have to consider first what activity you will mostly do before buying a tote bag. If you want to use it for work, you can choose a leather tote bag which looks more formal and elegant. Yet, if you plan to use it for shopping or traveling, you can pick a canvas one.